Irish Flutes Blackwood


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The Student Level Irish Flute in the Keys of “D” with brass tuning slides and tunable head will meet your requirements if you are looking for a perfect playable flute at an affordable price for learning purposes.  It comes with soft padded wooden hard case. Some players prefer straight line holes whereas some prefer holes arranged in slight arcs. Please state your preference while placing your order.

Irish Flute Specifications

Wood: Blackwood, 4 Parts with tunable head

Tuning Slides: Brass Tuning Slides

Bore: Traditional Conical Bore

Layout: Flute Design and layout is comfortable to hands

Finger holes spacing: Measured from center of hole to center of next hole
Between 1st to 2nd = 35mm
Between 2nd to 3rd = 35mm
Between 3rd to 4th = 32mm
Between 4th to 5th = 32mm
Between 5th to 6th = 32mm

Head Joint Tanon: 32 mm long which allows for some adjustment when tuning to other players

Irish Flute Case: Standard Padded Wooden Flute Case

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